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Playful Mindfulness Groups Eugene Oregon

Playful Mindfulness for Children

Mindfulness therapeutic groups and fun classes for children ages 6-10 years old are held several times throughout the year. Sessions are for an hour and a half and are generally held one a week for four weeks.

‘Mindfulness’ is the practice of accepting the present moment, our feelings and thoughts, our internal and external world, exactly as it is in the moment. Children are innately amazing at being in the moment and curious. They are said to have ‘beginners mind’, something adults strive to re-learn. 

Groups and classes are geared toward kids with a variety of social, emotional, physical and sensory abilities and needs. We will practice stress reduction techniques such as the ‘darth vader breath’, self-control, how to ‘get in the zone’ before a test/sports/or performing, empathy skills, healthy expression of all the emotions, such as ‘angry balloon-punching’, balance, yoga, and make crafts to bring home. Past crafts have included glitter calming bottles, a wooden balance board, spinning poi, stress ball fidgets, origami pinwheels, and more.

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Trans-Align Adult Groups

Co-leading and presenting a free 3 week group for Transgender, Gender Questioning or Gender Non-Conforming Adults and Allies. A safe and small gathering space offering support, acceptance, confidentiality, creativity, and mindfulness. Group goals and intentions will be explored collectively. Send an email to TransAlignGroup@gmail.com, or please reach out for a free phone consultation from my ‘Contact” page and I look forward to discussing whether therapeutic group or individual/couples work may benefit you.