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About me

A lamp is an ancient symbol encompassing many aspects: the vessel, the flame, the holder of the light, the recipient of the light, and the darkness- all in one. Without darkness one could not truly understand light. Without some amount of pain or suffering, we would not fully understand our experiences of happiness or love. ‘Lamplight’ is a symbol of the inter-dependence of giving and receiving in all healthy relationships.

Making the conscious choice to enter a counseling relationship takes thought before making the initial appointment. Sometimes weeks, months, and even years go by before taking that step. If we are lucky enough to have supportive family or friends, they may be too close to our experiences to help us break free of old ways of being that don’t serve us anymore. Many benefit from a therapeutic relationship where you can establish trust, feel non-judgmental acceptance, be vulnerable, and know that respect and confidentiality are of utmost importance.

There are many different types of therapists and therapies just as there are many different paths to the same destination. While not all of my ‘offerings’ may right for you, if there is a general feeling of curiosity, interest, or a positive gut feeling, then we may be a mutually good fit for one another. By ‘mutually good fit’, I mean that therapy is a very personal and intimate experience. While in session I rarely discuss my life experiences (and only if I feel it will benefit you), I believe therapy must be relationship-based and truly authentic.

My clients range widely in age from early childhood to end of life. They are often overwhelmed (anxious) or under-whelmed (depressed), are in need of couples work around communication, or just feel angry, stressed, or stuck. While I enjoy adult work, I balance it with one of my specialties which is young children. I’ve worked with attachment relationship issues (infancy and beyond), behavioral symptoms, and a wide range of trauma and abuse, which informs my work with adults who have often suffered childhood stresses. I have a strong knowledge base of family systems, generational patterns, relationships, mindfulness, diversity, and the narrative and meaning that we find moving through difficult times. I believe each of us has within, the capacity to come back to our ‘core-selves’, both the light and dark aspects, and enjoy a healthier and happier inter-dependence with the world around.

Take a few moments to look at my ‘offerings’ pages for more in-depth information. You may also reach out for a free phone consultation from my Contact page. I look forward to discussing whether individual, family, couples, or group work may benefit you.


Antra Renault, MSW


Credentials & Fees

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Comparative Religion from California State University, Chico with a focus on Eastern Philosophy. I hold a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work from Portland State University, Oregon. My Master’s level internships and curriculum focused on homelessness, diversity and oppression, leading groups, diagnosis, and adult and child community mental health therapy. I have worked at a Bachelor’s level as a counselor and in therapeutic classrooms with young children as well as teens. I was also employed in an Early Head Start program in St. Paul Minnesota where I provided home visits for young child refugees and their families, primarily from Burma and Thailand.

I spent three years working in Lane County, Oregon as a therapist for adults, children and families until October of 2016. While I’ve completed many of the steps toward licensure, the more than the 3000 hours and the supervision requirements during those three years, I personally feel my services better meet people’s needs through the privacy of self-pay. While I am returning to work toward licensure as a proof of competency, I do not plan to take insurance. Please click on the page ‘Insurance vs. Self Pay’ for more information. I continue my education at workshops, with supervision, and by reading literature.

My fee for Individual work is $75 per session and Couples or Family work is $85 per session. Some sliding scale spots are available at a community minded lower rate. 

Antra Renault, MSW Family Therapist Eugene Oregon | Child Therapist Eugene Oregon

‘Returning to the core-self through acceptance, insight, and a supportive therapeutic relationship’

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